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I help women with hypothyroidism reduce stubborn symptoms without crazy, restrictive diets.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are absolutely fed up with feeling dysfunctional.
  • You have no energy to spend time with your children/the people you love or to do the things you enjoy.
  • You are always the cold person in the room.
  • Your hair is falling out in clumps.
  • You aren’t pooping every day.
  • You can't fall asleep or stay asleep.
  • You keep gaining weight, despite trying all the different diets or working out almost every day of the week.
    You have brain fog.
  • You go from having high energy one day to paying for it the next.
  • You’re lost and confused about how to help your thyroid heal. There’s just too much information and you don’t know what’s right.
  • Your symptoms have gone away on thyroid medication, only for them to come back later.
  • You’ve been told you have to avoid gluten, dairy, sugar, and caffeine or go vegan to help your thyroid.
  • You’ve been told you have to do intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet to lose weight with hypothyroidism.

I’m a Registered Dietitian and a Thyroid Nutrition Specialist and I can help you:

  • Have more energy, so you can do more of the things you love
  • Poop every day, so you're not constantly bloated
  • Reduce hair loss so that you can go out with confidence and not worry about people looking at your thinning hairline
  • Make more body heat so you are no longer the coldest person in the room
  • Sleep through the night so you can wake up ready to tackle your day
  • Reduce your need for thyroid medication

             ...without sacrificing your favorite foods.

Say goodbye to hypothyroid symptoms and dieting. It's time to start enjoying your food and feeling better!

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Thanks to Nosheen, I am well on my way to feeling like a real person again.  Nosheen invested the time to get to know me and she became in tune with me. She always knew exactly what to say to remind me to stay the course when I felt like I was slipping. I can't say enough good things. She is the best cheerleader! This will probably sound silly but working with Nosheen taught me to show up for myself. Learning to put myself first has been a lifelong struggle and working with Nosheen has propelled me in the right direction.

My only concern was the cost. It was worth every penny and I would 1000% pay for this program again.

I would absolutely recommend and have recommended this program to others. This program put me on a path to health. Nosheen gave me very clear instructions while at the same time giving me freedom. There was no calorie counting or feeling bad about the foods I was eating, whether they were metabolically supportive or not. There was ZERO diet culture nonsense. Everything Nosheen said was backed by science. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Everyone who needs a nutritionist should talk to Nosheen first, and if they do, I guarantee they won't need to talk to anyone else.

Nosheen, I am so grateful. Thank you for holding my hand and guiding me every step of the way. Thank you for cheering me on and for helping me up when I fell, for your kindness, for going above and beyond, just thank you. You are the best! <3" - H.N., Subclinical Hypothyroid Client 

"I feel great. Less knee pain. More energy and much more positive. I was so focused on losing weight that I couldn't hear you at the beginning when we started to work together. I thought I have to cut out more food and workout everyday. But I understand now it's about balance in nutrition and creating consistency." - Hashimoto's client with elevated antibodies and rapid weight gain

"Before I tried your recommendations, I was having 1-2 bowel movements in a week, with the help of senna fruit laxative tea that gave me stomach and back pains for days. Now I have two regular bowel movements a day." - Hypothyroid client with thyroid nodules and severe constipation

Working with Nosheen has truly been a wonderful experience. Before I started working with Nosheen, I was feeling so tired everyday and was feeling so lost when it came to eating healthy for my personal health issues: low thyroid function and PCOS.

The internet and social media are full of so much conflicting advice and I had tried so much of it to no avail: intermittent fasting, keto, gluten-free...I had tried all of them and none of them had relieved me of my symptoms or the fatigue that I was fighting everyday to just function...moreover some of these ways of eating were making me feel more sick and more tired than I was already.

Nosheen has taught me how to eat balanced meals that are very tasty and fulfill the nutrient requirements of my body. I don't feel like I'm dieting, I feel like I'm eating to nourish my body. I'm feeling so much better, alhamdulilah!

Nosheen gives you personal advice and recommendations that are tailored to your health needs and she's there for you every step of the way encouraging you and helping you adjust your meals to find the right balance for you. If you're tired of feeling tired and you're ready to make a change, I highly recommend working with Nosheen!”

    -ST, PCOS & Hashimoto’s Client