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Navigating Menstruation During Religious Observances

This service is for women looking for support on naturally navigating their periods during essential times like Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarat, Ramadan, Eid, or non-religious travel/observances (i.e. weddings, honeymoon, etc.)  You don't need birth control to make this happen!
During this one hour session, you’ll receive a full understanding of how the menstrual cycle works and how to use specific supplements or other tools to shift your cycle. 
Please note: the best time to schedule is during menstruation 3 months prior to your travel plans. You may not benefit from this service if you schedule within 3 weeks of your travel plans. Due to the nature of menstruation, I cannot provide a 100% guarantee that my service will be able to prevent your period from coming on during a specific time period. However, I can guarantee that you can use the knowledge to delay your period as needed for future instances. The more you know about your menstruation and the tools at your disposal, the better you can prepare and plan.