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Thyroid Nutrition

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you overcome thyroid symptoms and have the energy to do the things you love.


Personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you get in control of PCOS and have regular, painless periods.

Are you ready for one-on-one support from a PCOS and Thyroid Specialist?

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What Clients are Saying

Nosheen is so well informed and prepared for every session. She is passionate about health and does everything she can to assist her clients with wellness in their own personal journey. She does not apply a “one size” approach. She is always available to answer questions and very open to investigating other ideas. I have never had an experience like the one I had with Nosheen. - GS

I decided to work with Nosheen because I was struggling with PCOS and many of its symptoms--weight gain, acne, facial hair, hair on my head falling out, flakey nails, no regular period, fatigue, lethargy. The list goes on!

My biggest health wins: I finally got a period after having my IUD removed 18 months ago, better digestion (no fluffy poops anymore); hair is growing long and full; nails on the rebound; fatigue and lethargy GREATLY improved (more balanced and rested every day); less acne on my neck and chest (masks are not my face’s friend right now); no more waking up to pee at night; sex drive is improved (even with antidepressants); bags under my eyes and puffiness in my face is gone; fingers, toes, and nose are not freezing cold anymore and I’m warmer throughout the day; no more low appetite...I’m hungry in the morning, it feels great and is directly related to the eating habits we worked on together.

Making these strides in lifestyle changes could have been so much harder, especially considering my demanding career-- I am away from home on a frequent basis for work and living on the road makes it hard to stay mobile and make good food choices. I also had some big life changes this year and moved across the country midst a pandemic. But I was able to adopt some key takeaways from my time with Nosheen, and stick to them during all of the chaos. I think that has been a huge factor for all the "wins."  

I’m also way more confident! Before working with Nosheen, I felt metaphorically paralyzed by my "diagnosis" and when I would engage in discussion with my doctors, I felt dismissed. Now I have the knowledge so that I can continue being my greatest advocate, and that's all thanks to Nosheen's support! Nosheen is so easy to talk to, which was important because I felt incredibly vulnerable as a client. I loved that she provided lists and recipes--I would be totally overwhelmed without them. 

I think every woman with PCOS can benefit from this program! We are conditioned to believe wellness is a one-size-fits-all process, and when our health goals don't materialize it's easy to feel like a failure. Having this opportunity opened my eyes by going in depth to the functions happening inside my body. Knowledge is power!

- AC

"For the past 10 years, I have tried many diets, exercise routines, and visited a number of nutritionists. Their advice lead to temporary weight loss, with the common conclusion resulting in me not only gaining back my original weight, but also more.

After talking to Nosheen, I quickly realized my views about nutrition were punitive and restrictive. I believed carbohydrates and sugar were bad, milk was to be avoided due to growth hormones, and that red meat, eggs and fats would cause a heart attack.

Through my work with Nosheen, I have been able to build a healthy relationship with both food and myself. I am learning ways to achieve healthy habits, choose healthy and wholesome foods to build a healthy body.

It is a process. I'm learning in-depth about the nutrient needs of my body at a cellular level. In addition, Nosheen emphasizes and helps facilitate other lifestyle changes, like getting adequate hours of sleep, incorporating relaxation time and having an exercise routine. 

Nosheen  is always available to answer my questions. She creates a space where conversation happens with ease and comfort. Those conversations could be about food choices, emotional status, or exercise routine.

I strongly recommend Hayat Nutrition &Wellness for anyone who wants to get healthy. The truth is that the nutritional and exercise landscape is too confusing. Nosheen will help you make sense of it all!" - TA

To put it simply, Nosheen and her expertise saved my life. I’m so grateful for her.

I had been struggling with no energy, cold intolerance, lack of appetite, hair falling out, stress, insomnia, period symptoms like cramping and joint aches, only having 2/3 of my eyebrows for as long as I can remember. I was in so much pain and overall a walking shell of myself. Of all the healthcare professionals I have been to see about my health, Nosheen was the first to link it to food.

I've been walking around cold my entire life, thinking it was just the way my body was, praying for summer and dreading every other season. The difference between where I was when I started the program and where I am now is night and day.

I have more energy. I can finally get out of bed every morning! My hair is not falling out in clumps. I sleep through the night. My pulse and temperatures are up. My eyebrows are growing in. I feel hunger! My digestion is improving. My periods are less painful.
Thanks to Nosheen, I am well on my way to feeling like a real person again. Nosheen invested the time to get to know me and she became in tune with me. She always knew exactly what to say to remind me to stay the course when I felt like I was slipping. I can't say enough good things.
She is the best cheerleader! This will probably sound silly but working with Nosheen taught me to show up for myself. Learning to put myself first has been a lifelong struggle and working with Nosheen has propelled me in the right direction.

This program put me on a path to health. Nosheen gave me very clear instructions while at the same time giving me freedom. There was no calorie counting or feeling bad about the foods I was eating, whether they were metabolically supportive or not. There was ZERO diet culture nonsense. Everything Nosheen said was backed by science. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Everyone who needs a nutritionist should talk to Nosheen first, and if they do, I guarantee they won't need to talk to anyone else.

Nosheen, I am so grateful. Thank you for holding my hand and guiding me every step of the way. Thank you for cheering me on and for helping me up when I fell, for your kindness, for going above and beyond, just thank you. You are the best! <3


I started working with Nosheen to better manage my PCOS and support my health through nutrition. Since we've started, I feel a lot better. My digestion has improved. I'm having a bowel movement every day now. With this new way of eating, I haven't  had the experience of 'oh my gosh, I could faint right now from hunger.' Which is really great.  I'm excited for continued improvements!

- Happy Anonymous Client  

"I have 1 day before my period starts and so far, I haven't had any symptoms I usually would the week before. No dizziness or fatigue. If I didn't keep track of my cycle, then my period would have caught me by surprise. That's been great!" - SK

"I started my period this week and I didn't have any breast tenderness or mood swings, and only one day of cramping." - EN