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Thyroid Nutrition

Nutrition to increase thyroid hormone conversion and uptake so you can start feeling better.


Nutrition to help you manage PCOS symptoms so you can feel confident in your body.

"For the past 10 years, I have tried many diets, exercise routines, and visited a number of nutritionists. Their advice lead to temporary weight loss, with the common conclusion resulting in me not only gaining back my original weight, but also more.

After talking to Nosheen, I quickly realized my views about nutrition were punitive and restrictive. I believed carbohydrates and sugar were bad, milk was to be avoided due to growth hormones, and that red meat, eggs and fats would cause a heart attack.

Through my work with Nosheen, I have been able to build a healthy relationship with both food and myself. I am learning ways to achieve healthy habits, choose healthy and wholesome foods to build a healthy body.

It is a process. I'm learning in-depth about the nutrient needs of my body at a cellular level. In addition, Nosheen emphasizes and helps facilitate other lifestyle changes, like getting adequate hours of sleep, incorporating relaxation time and having an exercise routine. 

Nosheen  is always available to answer my questions. She creates a space where conversation happens with ease and comfort. Those conversations could be about food choices, emotional status, or exercise routine.

I strongly recommend Hayat Nutrition &Wellness for anyone who wants to get healthy. The truth is that the nutritional and exercise landscape is too confusing. Nosheen will help you make sense of it all!" - TA

"I had been having nightmares and not sleeping well for an entire month before I talked to Nosheen. She not only gave me tips [on] what would help, but took her time to explain what was happening and why it was happening. I've been sleeping very well since. Thank you so much, Nosheen." - ZJ

"I'm happy I don't wake up in the middle of the night to pee anymore." - TA

"Before I tried your recommendations, I was having 1-2 bowel movements in a week, with the help of senna fruit laxative tea that gave me stomach and back pains for days. Now I have two regular bowel movements a day." - AB

"I'm actually feeling energized when I wake up, to the point that I don't need coffee every morning to jolt me awake." - SD

"I started my period this week and I didn't have any breast tenderness or mood swings, and only one day of cramping." - EN 

"I have 1 day before my period starts and so far, I haven't had any symptoms I usually would the week before. No dizziness or fatigue. If I didn't keep track of my cycle, then my period would have caught me by surprise. That's been great!" - SK

"My knee pain that has been bothering me for a year is 95% better. No more pain when I get up or sit down!"

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Virtual and in-person nutrition counseling for thyroid and PCOS.

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