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PCOS Small Group Coaching Program

Next Group Program Starting in early September

If you’re struggling with symptoms like…

  • irregular or absent periods
  • cravings
  • fatigue or low energy
  • coarse facial hair or hirsutism
  • poor sleep
  • low sex drive
  • low fertility
  • blood sugar problems
  • poor digestion (constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating, etc.)

It doesn’t have to be this way! Imagine if…

  • You were ovulating and getting a period every month without relying on birth control
  • You woke up feeling rested and ready to tackle the day
  • You didn’t have to navigate thousands of pages on the internet about PCOS to figure out what will work for you
  • You knew exactly what, how, and when to eat to manage your PCOS

In this small group program, you’ll learn…

  • The science behind PCOS and your symptoms
  • How to eat to support your body and hormones
  • Which supplements are right for you
  • The formula to a balanced and stress-free PCOS lifestyle
  • The formula for long-term success with PCOS
  • And more…

All with the support of a small group of women just like you!


  • group sizes will be limited to 7 women
  • group session times TBD

What you'll get...

Standard Group Program

  • 12 weeks
  • bi-weekly live video meetings for lessons, Q&A, interactive sessions reviewing food journals, cycle tracking, body temperatures, and more!
  • access to a private group chat just for members of your group
  • monthly food log review
  • discounts on recommended supplements (as applicable)
  • Lifetime access to all resources, recipes, etc.
  • opportunity to have continued one-on-one support from Nosheen beyond the program at a discounted price

 VIP Upgrade

  • includes everything in the standard program
  • plus
    • an additional 3 private calls
    • unlimited private messaging support from Nosheen
    • weekly food log reviews and feedback
    • review of any lab tests done & recommendations of useful lab tests

This program may be a good fit for you if…

  • You are able to get basic lab tests (i.e. A1c, fasting blood glucose, insulin, vitamin D) done before and after the program through your general practitioner, gynecologist, or endocrinologist
  • You are open-minded to nutrition suggestions that involve animal foods
  • You are excited to support other women on a similar journey
  • You are SO READY for the professional support needed to manage your symptoms
  • You are 100% ready TODAY to put in the time and energy into your health

You are may not be a good fit if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or diet
  • You have special dietary needs (i.e. vegan or vegetarian)
  • Right now is not a good time for you to make big lifestyle changes
  • Group settings make you nervous
  • Weight loss is your primary or only goal
  • You have a complicated case (i.e. heavy bleeding without birth control) that requires more personalized support. The VIP option is a better option for more complicated cases.

Program Costs

Single Payment


Monthly Payment Plan

$575/month for 3 months

VIP Upgrade Costs

Single Payment


Monthly Payment Plan

$710/month for 3 months

What Clients are Saying

I decided to work with Nosheen because I was struggling with PCOS and many of its symptoms--weight gain, acne, facial hair, hair on my head falling out, flakey nails, no regular period, fatigue, lethargy. The list goes on!

My biggest health wins: I finally got a period after having my IUD removed 18 months ago, better digestion (no fluffy poops anymore); hair is growing long and full; nails on the rebound; fatigue and lethargy GREATLY improved (more balanced and rested every day); less acne on my neck and chest (masks are not my face’s friend right now); no more waking up to pee at night; sex drive is improved (even with antidepressants); bags under my eyes and puffiness in my face is gone; fingers, toes, and nose are not freezing cold anymore and I’m warmer throughout the day; no more low appetite...I’m hungry in the morning, it feels great and is directly related to the eating habits we worked on together.

Making these strides in lifestyle changes could have been so much harder, especially considering my demanding career-- I am away from home on a frequent basis for work and living on the road makes it hard to stay mobile and make good food choices. I also had some big life changes this year and moved across the country midst a pandemic. But I was able to adopt some key takeaways from my time with Nosheen, and stick to them during all of the chaos. I think that has been a huge factor for all the "wins."  

I’m also way more confident! Before working with Nosheen, I felt metaphorically paralyzed by my "diagnosis" and when I would engage in discussion with my doctors, I felt dismissed. Now I have the knowledge so that I can continue being my greatest advocate, and that's all thanks to Nosheen's support! Nosheen is so easy to talk to, which was important because I felt incredibly vulnerable as a client. I loved that she provided lists and recipes--I would be totally overwhelmed without them. 

I think every woman with PCOS can benefit from this program! We are conditioned to believe wellness is a one-size-fits-all process, and when our health goals don't materialize it's easy to feel like a failure. Having this opportunity opened my eyes by going in depth to the functions happening inside my body. Knowledge is power! - AC

I've never worked with a dietitian before, but I was in such a hopeless state with my health (hypothyroidism and PCOS). Things were getting worse and worse. So, when I read about you and what you do; I figured I'd try it and see if it would help. I've done different guided diet plans for PCOS before but never anything like this. This program gives you so much information but also individual analysis of food logs, nutrient requirements, and supplement recommendations to fit your individual health needs.

I loved working with Nosheen. She really listens to everything you're going through and then helps you understand how your body is working. This was a group program but honestly it felt like one-on-one individualized care. Nosheen is so incredibly knowledgeable and will work hard to find solutions to help you. All you have to do is be willing and ready to do the work. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to change their health for the better if they have the motivation and time to put in the work.

I'm feeling so much better and so much more knowledgeable about my own health after working with Nosheen. I was experiencing hyper-thyroid symptoms (high heart rate, extreme sweating, shakiness), which started improving within 2 weeks of the program.  My digestive health has greatly improved, I struggled before with on/off constipation and indigestion and now I'm completely regular. My hair and my nails are stronger. My skin is smoother. And a couple of stubborn facial hairs have completely stopped growing. I'm sleeping better at night and waking up a lot less!  I've gotten 2 periods since working with Nosheen, which was missing for more than 6 months! With Nosheen’s guidance, I was able to request the right labs from my doctor and found out my thyroid antibodies were high, which we came up with a plan for. My thyroid labs were all over the place when we first started and they are trending towards normal range now.

I can't believe I am feeling so much better! 6 months ago, I couldn't have imagined feeling like I do right now: I'm making progress and working with my body instead of fighting it constantly! I'm so incredibly grateful for all your help and support! You are truly an answered prayer for me!


"Before starting the program, I was struggling with irregular & painful periods, facial hair, hair loss, constant fatigue, low energy, headaches, low appetite, no regular bowel movements, fibrocystic breasts, etc.
This program helped me realize that there are other ways to address hormonal health, outside of birth control. Most importantly, I feel like I was heard for the first time. Nosheen took the time to listen to all my symptoms and gave practical solutions, which was a new experience for me with a healthcare provider.
This program helped me have a healthy bowel movement every single day, which hasn’t been the case for over 5 years now. I used to also be bloated often, which isn’t much of a problem now. Before starting this program, I didn’t get my period for over 3 months. After starting the program, I have gotten my period every single month. My facial hair is practically gone!
My energy levels are much better. I used to be constantly tired and had low energy. This program taught me which foods and nutrients I need to help my body gain strength and prepare for my period.
My body has also been feeling less cold; usually I wouldn’t be able to sleep without leggings because I was too cold. I’ve been able to easily wear normal clothes to bed. I used to always tuck my toes into my knees to keep them warm when sitting, but now I can put my feet down and I am fine.
I loved that there were modules for every single topic. I enjoyed being able to watch or listen at my own pace and time. I also loved the individual and group sessions.
I definitely recommend this program to anyone with PCOS. Nosheen’s method is easy to follow and practical. It just takes time, trust, and energy to make it work.
Nosheen, thank you for an amazing few months!! I'm so happy to have come across you and your program. ❤️ Continue to do your great work! Thank you for being there every step of the way, giving me practical solutions, and also helping me navigate the changes I needed to make culturally too." - Anonymous Client

I started my period this week and I didn't have any breast tenderness or mood swings, and only one day of cramping. - EN

I have 1 day before my period starts and so far I haven't had any symptoms I usually would the week before. No dizziness or fatigue. If i didn't keep track of my cycle, then my period would have caught me by surprise. That's been great. - SK 


Who is this program best for?

This course will be most valuable to women with PCOS that are ready to take the next step in prioritizing their hormonal health through group support and bi-weekly live classes and Q&As.

How long do I have access to the information?

You will have access to course materials and class recordings for up to a year after the program ends.

What if I can't attend the bi-weekly group video sessions?

If you cannot attend the bi-weekly group video sessions, you can always catch the replay. I personally recommend you do your best to join all live sessions so you can get more personalized help as well as connect with other group members and feel true accountability to you goals.

I am very busy. Will I even have time for this?

For the group coaching to be worthwhile, you will need to invest time on a weekly basis to learn about PCOS, implement the lifestyle changes we discuss, and engage with other women on the same journey. With that being said, this program is not another rat race to fix your problems. You will learn the importance of slowing down and moving priorities around to heal and support your health. 

When can I sign up in the future?

Next group program will likely start in early September 2021. Make sure to get on the wait list. You'll be the first to hear about registration opening up again and any discounts. 

Will this program work for me if I have PCOS AND hypothyroidism?

If you have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's and PCOS, consider the VIP option or reach out to me about my one-on-one program. Either of these options would help me tailor the program for your specific symptoms and make sure both conditions are being addressed appropriately.