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Managing Hashimoto’s & Overcoming Fatigue, Hair Loss, and Poor Digestion

Young Woman with curly hair outdoors

KA came to me because she was struggling with symptoms of Hashimoto’s.

Here’s what she had to say after working with me in my personalized program for four months.

“I am now having regular bowel movements daily, healthier hair, nails are growing again, better skin, better sleep, and more energy.

I feel better mentally knowing how to nourish my body in the right ways and how to take care of it with food I love and that I am happy to eat. I love how comfortable I am around food now. I enjoy my meal times without any guilt. It made my relationship with food much more positive. It’s something we all deserve in life, especially women. I liked most that Nosheen always listened and helped me feel more confident and positive about my body and eating choices.

I would definitely recommend this program to others. I was nervous about the payment and thought it was expensive, but I put my trust in Nosheen and it was well worth it because I know the program can help me all my life. I’m always going to be grateful for Nosheen and this program, it has taught me a lot and I am blessed I was able to join the program and meet her. Thank you for your time and dedication in helping me.”

Are you ready to get in control of your PCOS, hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto’s? Schedule a free information call to talk about your symptoms and how I can help! 


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