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From Insomnia, Fatigue, Food Cravings to Energized and a Balanced Relationship with Food

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CR came to me struggling fluctuating between insomnia and sleeping for 16 hours at a time, constant fatigue, bloating, headaches, and lots of fast food cravings. Through our work together, she was able to see amazing results in her health. Here is what she had to say.

“Since working with Nosheen, I have better digestion. I am not bloated and rarely get stomach cramps anymore. I wake up energized! I sleep through the night. I am no longer sleeping 16 hours a day on the weekends, and have less headaches.

A big benefit of this program was finding peace with food. Before the program, I would go on takeout spirals on weekends where every meal would be takeout and I’d break down crying because I broke my “diet.” Now, I feel comfortable ordering when I actually want takeout. I don’t feel the need to be constantly ordering out and when I do, I actually enjoy it rather than feeling guilty.

The original reason I wanted to see a nutritionist was to lose weight, so shifting that mindset to focus on non-scale goals was tough. However, I couldn’t ignore the progress that was made. I was finally sleeping through the night and not sleeping the whole weekend away. I wasn’t so bloated that I had to lay down anymore. And I could turn down candy when someone offered it because I didn’t feel like it rather than feeling guilty over a ‘diet.’

My favorite part about the program was Nosheen’s direct feedback. It was really helpful when I had a question (no matter how silly), listening to her feedback and having an open dialogue about what worked and what didn’t for my lifestyle.

I would definitely recommend this program to others because everyone should have the same energy as I do without needing that 4th cup of coffee.”

Are you ready to get rid of insomnia, fatigue, headaches, and leave rigid, restrictive diet rules behind? Schedule a free information call to see how I can help! 

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