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From Hemorrhaging to Regular, Pain Free Periods

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KB came to me because she was overwhelmed with managing her PCOS, especially her symptoms of prolonged, heavy periods that lead to severe anemia and hemorrhaging. She was also struggling with bad sleep, bad mood swings, bad gut health, terrible fatigue; and barely eating!

Here’s what she had to say after working together in my personalized one-on-one program for PCOS:

“Since working with Nosheen, my energy has increased drastically and my sleep schedule is way better.

I feel better when I eat; I don’t feel horrible all the time; my skin doesn’t break out as much and I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin. I know how to calm my digestive system. I know when and how to eat to support my body.

My bleeding reduced dramatically from hemorrhaging for weeks to months at a time to a period that lasts from 7 days or less, with no extreme cramping and very minimal pain during and before periods.

If you are looking to change all the things that make you feel bad about living in your own body, this program is for you. Working with Nosheen has helped me improve my physical symptoms and chronic pain dealing with PCOS, AND my mindset about my condition. I feel in control and not controlled by my disease and I feel more positive and confident about moving forward.

Thank you! All of your support and patience these past few months have been vital. I am glad I took this leap of faith and worked with you. I’m not 100% where I want to be but I’m definitely happy about the progress I’ve made and I am so grateful to you and for you!”

Are you ready to get in control of your PCOS, hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto’s? Schedule a free information call to talk about your symptoms and how I can help! 


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